Comments from our pupils & parents



Katie Knighton - Keira (7) Thrapston Sat Smalls

"Keira loves coming to Step N Grooves every Saturday. She has grown in confidence and enjoys showing her family the new routines she has learnt with the fabulous Steph, Katie & Frances. You guys are amazing with the children, very supportive and patient. Personally I couldn't ask for a better school to teach my daughter. Step N Grooves is simply the best!!!!"

Michelle Neale - Macie (11) Oundle Middles

"Macie started with Frances in Oundle in 2018 and loves it! It has helped with her confidence and she loves showing us her dance moves!"

Gemma, Elliot & Evie Hudson (32 / 5 / 2) - Thrapston Wed Extra Bigs, V Smalls & Thurs Teeny Smalls

"Elliot & Evie love coming to Step N Grooves. It gives them lots of energy, fun and boosts their confidence to dance like no ones watching. I love being an Extra Big too and dancing with friends and learning new routines with the help and patience from Steph."

Jo & Gabriella Taylor (6) Stanion Street, Thrapston Sat Smalls & Stanion Extra Bigs

"Gabs started in 2018 with Katie. She started a shy nervous girl and has blossomed in confidence ever since coming into contact with Step N Grooves. So much so in 2019 she is starting a 2nd class, her younger sister her 1st class and I am carrying on my Extra Bigs class. Thank you Step N Grooves for being so amazing!"

Gemma Evans - Lucas (8) & Millie (6) Thrapston Wed & Sat V Smalls & Wed Smalls 

"Personally I think it builds the kids confidence. Step N Grooves is like an extended family that Lucas and Millie love. Its fun and seeing everything come together (for the shows) is amazing, seeing all the hard work pay off. Millie loves teaching her dances to her little cousin"           

"Millie - Because I like dancing, its fun! And Steph, Frances and Katie are the best!"